M2Switch 1.0

An alternative way to view your task manager


  • Useful for managing big program lists
  • Removes the need to press Alt-Tab


  • Doesn't offer any major advantages over Task Manager
  • Can be prone to crashes

Not bad

M2Switch is a task switching program which brings up your task manager in a click instead of clicking Alt-Tab. You can navigate the list using the Up/Down arrow keys and then press Enter to switch to the program. This is useful if you have many applications open and your taskbar is so jam packed with running tasks that you can't properly see what's going on. Instead of wading through windows, you can just click on M2Switch at any time.

Note that to run this, you'll need to have the .Net Framework installed and be running IE5.5 and above. If you don't have the former, you'll need to download Microsoft .Net Framework v1.1 or above. The installation is very easy - you simply unzip the package and double click the EXE file to install M2Switch.

The most useful aspect of the program is managing huge numbers of running programs. If the list of programs is very long, you can use two simple arrows to navigate the ones that you want to operate. However, it doesn't offer any major advantages of Windows Task Manager but if you're someone who works with lots of applications at once, you may find it useful.

M2Switch allows you to manage running programs without using Window's task manager.

Just click on M2Switch and navigate with arrows to the program you want to use.



M2Switch 1.0

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